In these last few months we have all had to make major adjustments to our lives and adapt to this new world we are now facing. This includes finding ways to fill the time while stuck at home. I know that for me DIY projects have been my “go-to” activity. I have tried my hand at many DIY projects, and most turn out fairly decent, but there is always one that I just cannot master and will always just trust in the experts: tailoring my own clothes.

No matter how many How-To guides I read through or YouTube tutorials I watch, tailoring my clothes to give them that perfect, seamless fit is just not in my skill set. I’ll admit that I have been known to fix a hole or two in my shirts or jeans and have given a try to stitching a button back onto a blouse, but anything outside of that realm is just beyond me. I always picture myself walking around with too tight waistlines or uneven pants the moment the thought of doing drastic changes to my favorite clothing even passes through my mind. While most of us have at-home sewing kits for quick emergencies and others are more courageous and try to transform entire pieces of clothing into something new and fun, most of us end up with a bigger mess on our hands than where we started. I am one of those people. 

Think of a chic cocktail dress for a night out, a business suit to stride down Boylston Street, or a fashionable pair of trousers for any formal emergency. You manage to find just the perfect one in the store but there’s just something about the fit once you get it home that isn’t quite right so what do you decide to do? Take it to a tailor to get alterations made! There’s nothing like the perfect, seamless fit that results from taking your new dress or a sleek pair of trousers to the tailor!

Tailoring your clothing to get that perfect fit can save you from having to buy a whole new outfit. Spending $20-$50 here and there to alter your clothes instead of purchasing something brand new seems like the most cost-effective option, right? Why not do the same for your brand? Think of your brand website as something you present to the world that represents you, you want it to look its best and fit you like a glove. This is what the creative marketing experts at Accelerato Group can do for you. Their expertise and skills as a branding agency can “stitch together” your website and present your brand to the world in a seamless fashion.