This time of isolation has been, to say the least, an inconvenience for everyone. Everyday activities such as food shopping, dining and physical social interaction have been paused for quite some time. Despite that, society has adapted to temporary solutions to these coveted rituals; InstaCart, Uber Eats, Zoom, etc.  There is, however one glaring notable exception:


Haircuts/hair styling/hair maintenance.  The large majority of people are willing to simply wait for their local barber shop or hair salon to re-open.  It is truly remarkable how reliant human beings are to go against the natural instinct of either self-grooming, or simply asking a spouse or family member to perform what seems to be the very simple task of cutting one’s hair.  Vanity, it turns out, is a very powerful force that influences this decision.  The outcome of a non-professional hair coiffing is likely to be disastrous.  God forbid.

I recall chatting with a hair salon owner at a networking event recently.  I was asking her about her salon’s online strategy and she proudly told me that she does all of the salon’s online marketing including social media.  “So how is it working out for you?” I asked.  “Well, not so good. I’m a one-person show and it’s hard for me to come up with interesting posts and photos. We have a handful of followers and all my clients still just call the store directly.  I paid a fortune for my website and there has been no return on that investment.  I don’t trust marketing people at all!”

Therein lies the following analogy:  Your first hair cut costs $500. You decide you can manage it on your own going forward, not requiring the expertise of a hair stylist/barber. The outcome is that your hair is a mess and you avoid looking into the mirror because you don’t like what you see. 

The reality is that you didn’t have to spend $500 on your hair at one time.  You should have spent $20 for the initial haircut and repeated as necessary with the objective of maintaining your unique look which would satisfy your vanity. 

The same can be said for your online assets. Let the digital experts enhance, manage and maintain your digital vanity.  Your business will thrive and you’ll always be attractive in the eyes of your customers.