Profile of a Stand-Out Brand: Hercules Press

Hercules Press, based in Boston, Massachusetts, provides printing and graphic design services to a diverse set of clients in the Boston area. They pride themselves on being a local business with great customer service and contrast themselves with the big chains and online shops.

We chose to feature Hercules Press in our blog because we admire their brand and think they’ve done a great job positioning their business. By examining what they’ve done, you may gain some ideas for your own company’s branding.

In the interest of full disclosure, Accelerato Group uses and recommends Hercules Press for our own clients. That said, we received no financial compensation or editorial input from Hercules for this profile. It’s entirely our own opinion.

So, why do we like the Hercules Press brand so much? What are the elements that make this brand great? Here are some observations:

1. Standing Out and Attracting Attention

Attracting attention is key for an effective brand. Hercules, as you may know, is a mythological Roman god and hero who is famous for his strength and many adventures. We like the spunk and confidence that this small business has shown by taking this larger-than-life persona as their brand. It speaks of strength, impact and standing out from the crowd.

2. Uniqueness: Not Just Another Print Shop

If you research print shops, you’ll find that many of their names are formulaic. That is, the names are either:

“Print/Printing/Press” + Adjective relating to speed 

Or alternatively

“Print/Printing/Press” + Geographic location

By choosing a name that’s clearly out-of-the-box for their industry, Hercules Press sends the message that they are creative and can help their clients stand out as well with innovative, colorful and impactful printed materials.

3. Conveys Strong and Positive Emotion

Bold. Dramatic. Confident. People don’t often use those descriptors about print shops, do they? We love that Hercules Press has decided to own this persona. When you’re a client, you want your printed materials to make an impact and the Hercules brand puts forth the promise that not only are they bold and confident, but also that clients will get an outsized impact for their own brand. As the Hercules Press website says, “Be Fearless. Put the strength of Hercules to work for you!”

4. Competitive Positioning

When you create your brand, you need to consider how it will position you relative to your competitors. In the case of Hercules Press, they see their toughest competition as the big chains and online low-price companies. By owning the “Hercules” identity, they implicitly put themselves in the same standing with these other larger and more well-known companies. They may be a small company, but they are mighty!

5. An Extensible Brand

In addition to printing services, Hercules Press also offers graphic design services and direct mail services. And their brand doesn’t limit them from adding additional services in the future if they so desire. When choosing your brand it’s important to make sure that you don’t foreclose any options for ways in which you may want to grow your business in the future. Hercules Press has done a good job being open to new services in the future.

6. Easy to Identify. Easy to Memorize

Check and check. Hercules works as a name that can be easily identified and easily remembered.

7. Maximize Use of the Brand

Hercules Press has taken a stand-out brand and done a good job of integrating that brand identity throughout their website. The name and logo are the foundation of the brand and they clearly carry that theme over with the design on the website which features vibrant colors.. They also infuse the “Hercules” theme into the website copy with bold and emphatic headlines.

The Hercules Press website is a reminder that creating a great brand is essential but only the first step. It’s also critical to bring the brand identity through to the website and all marketing materials. That is where you’ll really find the ROI (Return on Investment) with a stand-out brand — when it comes to be identified with your business in every interaction with your customers and prospects.

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