There once was a young, energetic and creative man who loved cooking at home; experimenting with his own recipe creations, with the end result of every meal being truly inventive, and delicious cuisine.  No two meals were ever the same.  His family loved it whenever he cooked.

He decided he wanted to take his talent to his favorite restaurant.  The restaurant owner refused his request citing that he had no formal training, no experience, and that he didn’t know his way around a professional kitchen. But the man continued to plead his case stating that he has been cooking for people at his home for years and that everyone loves his cooking. “Ok” says the restaurant owner.  “How about I train you and if you are able to abide by the processes and rules of our kitchen, you can cook here.”  “I already told you, I know how to cook! With that, the man storms out of the restaurant. 

Restaurants refer to the kitchen as the “back-of-the-house”. The “back-of-the-house” of your business is the “back-end” of your website. Maintaining it requires knowledge, experience, a specific talent and discipline. Would you let “anyone” in to edit your website?  Of course not!

Be certain that whoever you grant access to edit you or your client’s website is qualified.  If they are not, be prepared to spend a lot of time and money cleaning up the mess.

Bon Appétit!