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Challenging Times

March 19, 2020 – Sean Hurley

We are all living in challenging times. Every aspect of our lives has been impacted, and we have collectively adapted to this new reality for the well-being of all. Businesses everywhere are paralyzed as a result of closures and social distancing.

Profile of a Stand-Out Brand: Hercules Press

August, 29, 2019 – Margo Wald

Hercules Press, based in Boston, Massachusetts, provides printing and graphic design services to a diverse set of clients in the Boston area. They pride themselves on being a local business with great customer service and contrast themselves with the big chains and online shops.

Ask the Advisor - Why Do I Need A Brand?

July, 31, 2019 – Margo Wald 

Dear Accelerato Advisor,
Scott, one of our founding partners, has decided to retire early from the practice. And now everyone is telling me that we have to re-brand the firm because he’s leaving.

Is your website REALLY secure? Probably not.

May, 23, 2019 – Margo Wald 

When we speak to small business owners, they tell us lots of reasons why website security isn’t top of mind for them.

“Our site is small….We’re not a high profile target….We’re not doing e-commerce…”

And often, “Why worry about a cyberattack that will probably never happen?”

We don’t want to be prophets of doom. But we think it’s important to get the facts out about website security and to debunk some common misconceptions about the topic…